Disney Dicks

Were you a Disney kid? Do you know all the words to every song from The Little Mermaid? Have you had inappropriate dreams about Aladdin? Ever wondered what was under Prince Charming’s breeches? The ladies at Jezebel, who might have the best jobs ever, have “put a lot of thought into this (perhaps too much?) and collectively came...

Are You a Pornographer?

Are you interested in taking sexy man pics for us? We have a model in Chicago that needs a photographer with a great eye for what is sexy to women. We are looking for a photographer in Chicago who would be interesting in taking sexy pics of a hot naked dude. We can’t pay you...
My New Favorite Tumblr

My New Favorite Tumblr

My new favorite Tumblr is Jon Hamm’s Wang.  Simple and to the point: “Jon Hamm likes to go commando. No underpants have the power to hold back Jon Hamm’s Wang.” Then commences, as you can imagine, glorious images of gorge Jon Hamm with visible pants cock. Loving it!   Hello Little BIG Hamm! Long-time girlfriend...
Rock Your Body

Rock Your Body

I’ve been home sick with some bad menstrual cramps and have been watching Community on Hulu.  And I just gotta say,  DAMN to Joel McHale’s rockin’ bod which he displays somewhat often during the 1st season.  Some one works out on the regular…. McHale, welcome to my spank bank. Ladies, I give you exhibits B...

Happy Friday!

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