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Happy Fri Fri

Happy Fri Fri

Hope your weekend is packed full of dick. Check out this awesome music video about hot boyz by my new fav mc Kitty Pryde and her badass frens. Kick this weekend off right:   Share

Interwebz 101: Reaction Gifs

Posted by The Lady of Leisure Having internet Troll problems? May I suggest peppering your replies with some exciting, satirical and sarcastical reaction gifs? Nothing says “You’re a total douche” like a sarcastic gif posted in reply to something your totally douchey troll wrote. The troll will get it and STFU.  And your supporters will...

My Drunk Kitchen

Posted by Doris Miller This is the best thing ever: From the amazeballs Harto!!!! Share

How to Feel Drunk W/out Drinking

Posted by The Lady of Leisure How to Feel Drunk Without Drinking: 1) Get on a train from Seattle to Portland. Ok well we have had a few Thunderheads but nothing to warrant the use of my drunken swagger ninja skillz.  Luckily there’s some PotesPBs (potential PoolBoys) on this train worthy of falling on. That’s...

International Wang Search

Posted by The Lady of Leisure So last week Clitical Sass blogged about our trip overseas where she learned that Jet Li was a badass via a harrowing overnight bus trip in Vietnam.  This week I thought I’d tell you about our trip.  Yes, technically it was a vacation, but you know how us Pool...