Posted by Queen Dicktoria

Check out some our PoolBoys!

PoolBoy Dustin

PoolBoy John

PoolBoy Al, Issue 1 Cover model/centerfold

PoolBoy Dr. Clusterfuck

PoolBoy Cetera

You can see more of these hot dudes in our print magazine issues available here.

How to Become a PoolBoy:

Want to show us what you got? Want to pose in our peen zine? PoolBoy Magazine is always looking for potential PoolBoys!

Are you a male, aged 18 years or older who wants to pose naked in an adult mag for badass women? Are you cool enough to contribute to the sex-positive culture change we are fighting for?

If you are interested please email Queen Dicktoria at Queend AT poolboymagazine DOT com and send us some sexy photos! Download our Photographer/Model packet for info on the kind of stuff we are looking to publish.

Unfortunately we can’t yet afford to pay anyone (including ourselves – hence the word “independent”) for work but you can rest assured that you are contributing to something awesome and positive and any PoolBoys featured in our issues get free copies of the magazine and all the hot ladies they can handle.  Plus we’ll plug your projects on our website and through our social media networks. You help us, we’ll help you.