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Did you know that little button (or glans if we’re being scientific) of your clit contains “approximately 8,000 sensory nerve fibers,” which is nearly twice as many as the head of your boyfriend’s dick? Neither did I, or anyone else for that matter, until 2009. Yep, you heard right, 2009. For all the hundreds of years that humans have been exploring and investigating human sexuality and anatomy, it wasn’t until 3 years ago that the clitoris was really studied. And what you thought you knew about the clit is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

io9, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blog, reports on the no-longer-so-mysterious clitoris, and provides pictures!

Apparently the clitoris is internally extensive, what we commonly refer to as the clit is really just the glans, a very small part of a much larger structure. This is particularly interesting because it means that though female orgasms have previously been categorized as either clitoral OR vaginal, in reality both are clitoral. What we previously called a vaginal orgasm is actually an internal clitoral orgasm. It’s all about the clit, baby!

So why has it taken so long for scientists to figure all this out about such an important part of the female anatomy? Probably because the clitoris is the only structure on the human body that exists purely for pleasure. Think about it, we don’t need a clit to reproduce or urinate or anything else, it exists solely to provide pleasure. While scientists were taking MRI s of the penis back in the 1970’s, no one delved into the clit with an MRI machine until 2005. Ouch, science, that burns, it really does.

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